Search for accommodation for cycle hikers

All the accommodations present on Un toit pour mon vélo are able to welcome cyclist and their equipment.

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Bicycles safely stored

All facilities are able to accommodate and safely store their customers' equipment.

Morning breakfast

These properties offer breakfast from 6:30. Ideal for the sportsmen that we are!

Picnic basket

No time to get the picnic ready? These properties offer a packed lunch.

Laundry service

Drop off your clothes at the reception desk of your accommodation and find them clean the next morning. Some properties offer this service on a self-service basis.

Repair area with tools

Something wrong with your bike? These properties have a room to repair it and provide you with tools!

Sale of sports equipment

You got a flat tire and no more inner tubes? These properties have a stock of equipment that could save your vacation!

Luggage transfer

Identify the property that offer a service to transfer your luggage to your new destination.

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Cyclo-tourism is developing massively in France and Europe. Reference your property on Un toit pour mon vélo !

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